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As most Texans know, it gets hot. With there being plenty of outdoor activities and vacation spots throughout the state, it can be easy to get swept up in the fun without drinking enough water. 

While drinking enough water is the most effective way to stay hydrated, it’s not the only way. As long as you eat good food and maintain the right levels of electrolytes, staying hydrated should be easier (still drink water, of course!). Below is just a short list of why water is the key to good health.

Bellyache? Water Reduces Pain

Stomach aches, headaches, stiff joints… these are all signs of dehydration. Water is nature’s lubricant. Drinking enough water keeps your body functioning optimally without the unnecessary aches and pains. Proper hydration mixed with chiropractic care can really promote your body’s optimal health and reduce pain.

Glow Up. Water Improves Your Skin

There’s a huge difference between hydrated skin and dehydrated skin. Dehydrated (dry) skin promotes wrinkles and a dull appearance. When you drink a lot of water and maintain your body’s hydration, your skin shows it. Hydrated skin is softer, more supple and has a more youthful glow. It’s time to glow up—drink water!

Feeling Down? Water Helps Your Mood

Fatigue and anxiety can sometimes be directly connected to hydration. When you don’t drink enough water and you’re dehydrated, your body goes into a state of panic as it tries to find equilibrium. In fact, even the slightest dehydration can affect your mood and promote stress, anxiety and fatigue.

What You Eat Is Important Too

The food you eat accounts for approximately 20% of your daily fluid intake—a huge factor in your body’s hydration. Certain foods, like melon, tomatoes and strawberries are largely made up of water and contribute to your body’s hydration. Additionally, these water-rich foods have healthy levels of carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes. 

Water is Key to Good Health

Our body is made up of approximately 60% water. For us to be functioning at optimal levels, staying hydrated is the key. As good practice, drink water before bed, upon waking up and throughout the day as often as you can. 

Electrolytes Matter

Electrolytes play a huge role in keeping our bodies hydrated. Both electrolytes and carbohydrates assist our bodies in absorbing and retaining water, along with other nutrients. Some important nutrients to consume for optimal nerve and muscle function include sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Dehydration Clues to Look For

The Color of Your Urine

The color shade of your urine is one of the best ways to determine your hydration levels. If your urine is a dark shade, or darker than apple juice, your body is dehydrated and needs water. Drink water until your urine is a light color, which signals proper hydration.

Dry Mouth

If your mouth feels dry and sticky, you’re more than likely dehydrated. Staying hydrated promotes healthy moisture levels throughout your body, including your mouth.

Bad Breath

Not drinking enough water causes your mouth to go dry, which promotes bad breath. Dehydrated breath is much different than hydrated breath—drink water to get rid of bad breath and promote a healthy mouth.

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