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Chiropractors have been providing natural and non-invasive treatments to relieve pain for more than 100 years. Chiropractic care is a safe and non-invasive method for treating both acute and chronic pain. At Progressive Integrated Healthcare, we provide treatments that can manage, decrease and even eliminate pain. Along with Dr. Adams’s innovative approach to chiropractic adjustments, we also apply physiotherapy to truly rehabilitate joints, muscles and tendons.

Progressive Integrated Healthcare uses a proven combination of massage, physical therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasonic heat to treat patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain. Pain can be caused by anything from an old sports injury to simply having poor posture. By identifying the root cause of the discomfort, we can tailor the treatment plan to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Our methods incorporate electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and physical therapy rehab stretches and strengthening exercises to help our clients feel better and grow stronger. We also provide trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage for clients with muscle knots and tension. Here are some of the physiotherapy treatments that have helped our clients find relief from their pain:



  • Rehabilitative Stretching. Stretching can be passive or active. For rehabilitative stretching, the patient relaxes while the physical therapist applies stress on the body part that is being stretched. This results in improved flexibility, range of motion, and relaxation.
  • Strengthening Exercises. Low-impact exercise, such as walking on a treadmill or performing calisthenics, aids in the strengthening of muscles following injuries or surgery.
  • Spinal Traction. Traction is a decompression technique where the patient is positioned in a way that relieves pressure on their upper (cervical) and/or lower (lumbar) spinal region.
  • Joint Mobilization. This is manual manipulation of joints that have become stiff due to injury, surgery, disuse or arthritis. The therapist gently moves and stretches the join to increase flexibility and range of motion.

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Supplementary Therapies

  • Sound head. The therapist uses a wand-like device called a sound head to administer heat throughout the inflamed region. This is useful for reducing inflammation and pain caused by sprains and tendonitis.
  • Electrical Stimulation. Small electrical impulses are sent through the area to contract muscles and reduce pain.
  • Trigger Point Injection. Sometimes a knotted muscle will not respond to massage alone. In especially stubborn cases, Dr. Adams can inject a local anesthetic to relieve the pain and spasms.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the services Progressive Integrated Healthcare provides. Your individualized treatment plan will depend on the cause and severity of your pain.


The Benefits of Physiotherapy

While medication can help patients overcome their painful symptoms, physiotherapy literally retrains the joints, muscles and tendons that so frequently cause pain due to surgery and injuries. Manual massages and stretches elongate the muscle fibers and help the patient regain lost flexibility and movement. As the affected areas become stronger and more pliable, they start to relax. This decreases the nagging pain and intense muscle spasms that detract from the patient’s quality of life. Physiotherapy provides a long-term solution to the underlying causes of acute and chronic pain.


Progressive Integrated Healthcare: Revolutionizing Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Adams is an experienced chiropractor with a medical background—a rare combination found only here in Dallas. His clinic at Progressive Integrated Healthcare is currently accepting new patients of all ages. To schedule a consultation to see how his revolutionary approach to medical chiropractic care can benefit you, call our scheduling office at (972) 587-7246 or fill out our online form today. Let Progressive Integrated Healthcare relieve your pain and transform your body into the best it can be.